coating technology
coating technology
thermal spray

Flame Spray, surface technology since 1969

Established in 1969, Flame Spray was the first Italian job shop to actively promote Thermal Spray coatings, and many innovations since. Today, the company is an international benchmark for applications in these markets:

ENERGY – Gas turbine, Steam turbine, Waste burners, Petrochemical, Hydro power
AEROSPACE – Engine components, landing gear, hydraulic actuators
OIL & GAS – Ball and Gate Valves, drilling/exploration equipment
STEEL & IRON – Galvanizing Lines, Rolling Mills, Annealing Furnaces
TRANSPORTATION – Railways, Automotive, Marine
PULP & PAPER – Paper Mills, Printing, Corrugating
OTHER – Rotating equipment, pumps, motors, rolls, general engineering

SYSTEMS – Centerless Grinders, Turnkey Thermal Spray installations

In its 50 years in business, the company has continuously grown and developed know-how and technologies in its research and production centers of Roncello (Italy), Szada (Hungary), Varaždin (Croatia) and most recently Fountain Inn (USA). The company has additional customer focused arrangements in Germany (Corrugating Rolls) and Italy (Aerospace components). Flame Spray endeavors in its research to increase the performance of components, coatings and materials with Thermal Spray, Diffusion, Slurry, Cladding and Welding processes, and to offer its customers the best possible solutions to a broad range of challenges.