Coatings List

Flame Spray provides coating services to the broadest range of markets globally:

  • Aerospace – Power plant and actuators
  • Industrial Gas and Steam Turbines
  • Oil & Gas/Petrochemical
  • Materials Handling Coatings – Aluminium, Steel, Paper, Plastic, Glass
  • Hydroelectric – Kaplan, Francis, Pelton

Utilizing the very latest surface technology processes:

  • Plasma for Thermal Barrier Coatings, Chromium Oxide, Alumina etc.
  • HVOF for Tungsten Carbides, Chromium Carbides, MCrAlYs
  • HVAF for superior Tungsten Carbides coatings
  • Wire Spray for metallic coatings
  • Spray and Fuse for porosity free, metallurgical bonded hardfacings
  • Diffusion – for Platinum Aluminides, Aluminides, Boronized
  • Cladding by PTA or MIG for Stellites and Inconel
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing to reduce porosities in castings and 3D printed components
  • Vacuum Heat Treatments in particular for aerospace and IGT parts