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1969 – Establishment of Flame Spray

Edoardo Prosperini founds Flame Spray as an individual firm in 1969. Despite its limited size and employee number it reaches some challenging objectives working together with international companies such as IBM, Fiat Motori Avio, Montedison and Worthinghton.

1973 – New plant in Roncello

Considering the ongoing growth E. Prosperini decides to move the production center to a larger site in Roncello (Milan). The new plant has a covered area of ​​500sqm on a site area of ​​7500sqm.


Sergio Meloni and Dario Stehle become Shareholders in Flame Spray snc

1981 – New job shop in Roncello

Flame Spray further expands the footprint in Roncello, adding an additional 1000 sqm job shop.

coating technologies

1985 – New slurry technology

The company develops new slurry coating technologies for turbogas axial compressor blades and reaches new customers such as Fiat Avio and Nuovo Pignone.

1988 – New expansion site Roncello

A new plant of 1,200 sqm in Roncello supports the production growth and starts an expansion process that in 1994 will bring the covered production area to ​more than 4,000 sqm.

coating technologies

1992 – Establishment of TopCoat Srl

Flame Spray establishes a partner company, TopCoat Srl with the aim of expanding in a new and important market, Printing, and to support existing customers in the area of ​​central Italy.

1996 – Flame Spray enters the Oil & Gas Market

Flame Spray enters the Oil & Gas market and, in particular, the market for metal to metal seated ball valves, obtaining qualification from the major OEMs and End Users.

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1998 – Strategic agreement with BHS

Flame Spray firmly increases its presence in the corrugating machines market, signing a strategic agreement with BHS, a German company, and a global leader in this market.

1999 – Flame Spray becomes a Corporation

1999 is a year of big changes: Flame Spray Snc becomes a capital company and changes its business name to Flame Spray SpA.
The ongoing activities of research and development bring the Company to new strategic markets including the Waste Incinerator market.

2001 – Agreement with TurboGas

Flame Spray Spa signs an agreement for equipment supply and technological transfer with one of the largest OEMs in the industrial gas turbine market.

coating technologies

2002 – Establishment of Flame Spray Hungary and agreement with CRC – USA

To further expand its market reach Flame Spray decides to establish Flame Spray Hungary Kft with the aim of increasing the presence in the Industrial Gas Turbine market.
With the establishment of Flame Spray Hungary, Flame Spray becomes an international Group.
In the same year a cooperation agreement with CRC-USA, part of BHS Group (Germany), increases the presence of the Group in the Paper / Cardboard market.

2004 – Technology for the production of diffusion coatings

A university collaboration with Istituto Universitario Studi Superiore of Pavia and the participation in Consorzio Milano Ricerche emphasizes the internal Research & Development programs.
The Group develops Diffusion Aluminizing coatings for the Industrial Gas Turbine market.

2005 – Flame Spray Hungary is accredited ISO 9001

Flame Spray merges with TopCoat and concludes a cooperation agreement with BHS Brazil to increase its presence on the Paper / Cardboard market.
Flame Spray Hungary achieves ISO 9001 certification as part of it’s ongoing commitment to quality.

2006 – Flame Spray is accredited ISO 9100

Flame Spray’s quality system is qualified to ISO 9100.

2007 – Flame Spray Hungary is accredited UNI EN 9100

Flame Spray Hungary obtains the UNI EN 9100 and is registered in the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group), thus entering the Aerospace market.

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2008 – Flame Spray Hungary is NADCAP certified

Flame Spray Hungary obtains the NADCAP certification for coating application on aerospace components.

2010 – Establishment of Flame Spray Croatia

Flame Spray Croatia starts its activities in Trnovec Bartolovecki, near Varazdin.

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2011 – Establishment of Flame Spray North America

Flame Spray North America, after a short start up period, is operational and ready to serve the US market with its complete range of coating technologies.

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2014 – Opening of Shop in the shop with Ema Spa (Rolls Royce Group)

Flame Spray is a member of Poema Network, this plant will be responsible for vacuum heat treatment and surface coating of Aerospace and IGT components.


The Roncello and Montefino plants are certified in accordance with BS OHSAS 1800: 2007 for the management of Health and Safety at Work.

2016 – Flame Spray Roncello is ISO 9100 certified.

Flame Spray Roncello is accredited UNI EN 9100, certification for production of surface coatings by thermal spraying technology for aerospace applications.

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2017 – Flame Spray CROATIA: new production center

Flame Spray CROATIA moves to a new 3000 sqm production center in Jalzabet.


Flame Spray Roncello receives NADCAP certification for the application of coatings on aerospace components.
Flame Spray Morra De Sanctis receives NADCAP certification for the application of coatings on aerospace components.
Flame Spray North America Inc. receives NADCAP certification for the application of coatings on aerospace components.

coating technologies

2020 – HIP installation

Flame Spray installs in Morra de Sanctis (AV-Italy) a Hot Isostatic Pressing furnace, completing its portfolio of post-casting services.

2021 – Establishment of Flame Spray Saudi Arabia

Flame Spray Saudi Arabia starts its activities in Al-Khobar, Dhahran, near the headquarters of Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world.

2022 – Establishment of ALATAU FLAME SPRAY

2022 – The Flame Spray Group today

The Group Flame Spray is a global leader and benchmark in the market for coating technologies although there are still many challenges ahead.