Each of our locations has been established, grown and developed to meet specific market, technology and capacity requirements as we continually invest to meet our customer’s most stringent needs.

Roncello (Italy)

Recognized as one of the 100 excellent SMEs of the Lombardy Region, this business and production center includes headquarters, administrative and commercial offices and a production area with an overall footprint of over 16.000 sqm. The ISO 9001-2008 certified job-shop utilizes more than 25 robotized/automated workstations for various application technologies including HVAF, HP-HVOF, ID-HVOF, Plasma Spray, Cold Spray, Flame Wire, Arc Spray, PTA cladding, Slurry, Aluminizing, Spray & Fuse and 5 workstations for Slurry Technologies. Coating properties and performance are evaluated by in house metallurgical laboratory facilities and a team of R&D experts that have participated in and led many European Research Projects. More than 190 skilled people put their experience and craftsmanship to service and support the most stringent customer requirements on a daily basis.

Ethical code

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Montefino (Italy)

This factory, which covers an area of ​​2000 m². It includes 3 robotized workstations for Plasma Spray, Flame Wire and Arc Spray technologies.

Ethical code

Ethical code (PDF)

Morra De Sanctis (Italy)

Shop in the shop with Ema Spa (Rolls Royce Group) Flame Spray, member of Poema Network since 2014, will be responsible of vacuum heat treatment and surface coating of Aerospace and IGT components. POEMA European Center for Aeronautic High Precision Casting a/k/a Polo Europeo Microfusioni Aeronautiche is the first industrial network for aerospace investment casting components. It was established in Morra de Sanctis (Avellino, Italy) by companies that represent the excellence in technologies and processes.

Szada (Hungary)

Flame Spray Hungary is the center of excellence of the Group for applications on Turbo Gas and aeronautic components thanks to a complete range of Thermal Spray technologies, vacuum furnaces, argon furnaces for heat treatments, diffusion coatings, slurry coatings, aluminizing, brazing and MIG welding. The new facility, in the vicinity of Budapest, is situated along Corridor V, a motorway/railway network which will connect Lisbon to Kiev and is part of a geo-economic area that is steadily growing. The new structure was developed following the most advanced building and organizational criteria on an area of 25,000 sqm, it includes a covered surface of 9.000 sqm arranged in “islands” dedicated to specific jobs. The technical department, the systems control area, and the quality lab are strategically situated at the center of this group of islands. The administrative and accounting departments complete the picture of a center of excellence for the treatments carried out, but also for its organizational capacities. Flame Spray Hungary Kft, along with the ISO 9001-2008 qualification, is also proud to have the ISO 9100-2009 qualification and the NADCAP-Coating certification which allows the company to take on challenges within the aeronautical market.

Varaždin (Croatia)

The Flame Spray Croatia Project started in 2009 with the aim of providing the Group's expertise in thermal spray coatings for large size components in a growing commercial area. Flame Spray Croatia is located in Varaždin Free Zone, about 80 km from the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Flame Spray Croatia has a facility of 3,000 sqm equipped with 2 overhead cranes capable of handling up to 20 ton and 2 large size workstations, an ideal environment for coating large components. The job-shop is currently equipped with 3 thermal spray systems, 2 APS and 1 HVOF, with ample space for future developments.

Fountain Inn (USA)

Flame Spray North America was established at the end of February 2011, and started its activities in October 2011, in the Greenville area. The facility offers a complete portfolio of coating services, including Plasma, HVOF, HVAF, Wire and Powder Combustion Spray, Cold Spray, Diffusion (Aluminizing) and Mig welded coatings. It also has internal capabilities for Heat Treatments in either vacuum or controlled atmosphere. Flame Spray North America was established with the aim of serving the IGT, Aerospace and Industrial markets. Thanks to the wide experience of the Group, the dimensions of the spraying booths and the complete range of coating services Flame Spray North America is also ready to meet the requirements of a large number of applications for different markets: Oil & Gas (Compressor and Metal to Metal Valves), Steam and Hydro Energy, Steel mills, Paper mills, Printing, Automotive, and many others, particularly for very large and heavy components.