Flame Spray North America expands capabilities to include advanced manufacturing and chemical / water blast stripping.

It is with pleasure that we inform you that Flame Spray North America, Inc. has acquired the activities of Innovative Surface Solutions and Innovative Venture expanding its capabilities to offer advanced manufacturing technologies.

To better serve our customers and offer a one-stop-shop approach to post-cast operations, we are now offering, beyond the state-of-the-art coating portfolio: EDM, hole drilling, laser welding and assembly, and chemical/water blast stripping.

The hole drilling technology features a combined laser ablation/EDM drilling system. This approach allows direct drilling of parts through the thick ceramic coating commonly used on advanced components and precise re-opening of holes after re-coating of engine run parts.

Completing the lineup, we are also investing in additional ancillary services such as airflow, water-flow, FPI, dimensional inspection, and structured light inspection to generate important synergies for further growth.

To remove coating from engine run or mis-machined parts, we can now offer a complete line of Chemical, Water Blast and Abrasive (sandblasting) stripping, offering the best combination of effectiveness in respect to cost, performance, and substrate protection. Chemical stripping tanks are large enough to hold combustion parts.

The new Advanced Manufacturing division will be led by Chris Urban that for over 20 years has been a noteworthy leader in the gas turbine component manufacturing space.