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    slurry coatIn the severe environment of gas turbines, components must face different types of degradation phenomena, like high temperature oxidation and corrosion, thermal fatigue, erosion and wear in the hot section and wet corrosion, droplet erosion and fouling in the cold section.

    Flame Sprays technologies and processes, like High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF), Air Plasma Spray (APS), diffusion and slurry coatings are used to guarantee the protection of components and increase the service life of a Gas Turbine.

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    Steam Turbine

    slurry coatSteam turbine operators and OEMs are focused on the challenge of keeping their machines functioning in the face of wear problems that are increased by the demand for higher efficiency.

    These problems include water particles in steam and solid particles in the air that pit smooth surfaces, and third body abrasion in the bearing areas.

    An economical solution for many steam-turbine problems is the use of Thermal Spray coatings both to prevent the degradation on new components and to repair worn parts.

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    Waste to Energy

    slurry coatUsing municipal waste as a fuel source causes great stress to the metallic components of the boiler.

    The hot fumes which contain aggressive contaminants, in particular chloride and low melting point ashes, come into contact with the walls of the tubes before they are cleaned.

    The type and degree of corrosion depends on the position of the component along the gas path. Flame Spray developed two main families of coating to protect these valuable components: Flameclad, based on Cladding technologies, and Flameseal, based on a patented combination of Thermal Spray and Slurry technologies.

    Flame Spray is now the only company offering this range of solutions to optimize costs and benefits of each specific problem.

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    Hydro Power

    slurry coatOf the renewable energy sources that generate electricity, hydropower is the most often used. Hydropower produces essentially no carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions, in contrast to burning fossil fuels, and is not a significant contributor to global warming through CO2.

    In contrast, serious wear on hydro-turbines may occur due to the high sediment content of the water used to generate power.

    Thermal Spray coatings can be very useful to reduce the impact of this problem.