Research Projects

Flame Spray partecipated to many research projects, including:

  • H2IGCC – to enable combustion of undiluted hydrogen-rich syngas with low NOx emissions and also allowing for high fuel flexibility.
  • MACPLUS – to icrease the overall efficiency of coal fired supercritical boilers
  • RETE POEMA, PRISS CDS PAC 14 – to develop innovative coating solutions for the Aerospace market.
  • LOWBRASYS – to develop a new generation of transport technologies able to push innovation towards a cleaner and more efficient road transport, improving air quality with positive effects on both environment and human life

Currently is partecipating to EU funded research projects:

  • CERBERO – Flame Spray is actively involved in the CERBERO project, funded by the Ministry of Economic Development – CSEA – CASSA PER I SERVIZI ENERGETICI E AMBIENTALI – to improve the efficiency of external combustion micro-turbines, which are the most promising technology for ” carbon neutral “ fuel cogeneration.
  • NoStickRolls – to develop a new generation of pick-up resistant coatings for steel mill rolls
  • Biofire – to develop a new generation of corrosion resistant coatings to protect boiler’s tubes