Accreditations and Approvals

In Flame Spray, quality is our target and we certified it!
Each phase of our work is based on unconditional quality: quality of our staff, quality of the equipment we use, quality of the procedures we apply. This is the only approach we know to provide reliable coatings according to the most demanding standards. Flame Spray accreditations are clear evidence of the constant effort to achieve quality in all our processes: our sites are accredited by RINA according to ISO EN and they have also reached the most important aeronautic accreditations/qualifications (Nadcap, GE Aviation, Roll Royce, ITP, Liebherr Aerospace).

* GE Aviation-Flame Spray Hungary Kft

  • P16TF5
  • F50TF22 CL-A (B50TF56 CL-A / B50TF53 CL-B)
  • F50TF45 CL-B (B50TF190 CL-A)
  • F50TF50 CL-B (B50TF192 CLA/A50TF278 CL-C)
  • F50TF117 CL -B/ P16TF5 CLB (B50TF56 CL A, B50TF92 CL A)
  • F50TF117 CL A (B50TF56 CL A; B50TF92 CLA)
  • F50TF10 CL A (B50TF56 CL A, B50TF52 CL B)
  • F50TF102 CL A (B50TF56 CLA, A50TF87 CL B)

* GE Aviation-Flame Spray North America Inc.

  • F50TF102 CL A (B50TF56 CLA, A50TF87 CL B)
  • P16TF5 CL B (B50TF56 CL A,A50TF87 CL B)
  • F50TF71 CLC (B50TF167 CL A)
  • F50TF33 CL.A (A50TF147 CL.A)

* Liebherr Aerospace-Flame Spray Spa Roncello(Italy)

  • LAT4 4012
  • LAT4 4014
  • LAT2 1601 (grinding)
  • LAT2 1601P05

* ITP/Rolls Royce -Flame Spray Spa Morra De Sanctis (Italy) RPS692 (ongoing) CME5033 (ongoing)