Flame Spray North America (FSNA) was established in 2014 to provide local support to our global Gas Turbine clients. A purpose built 150,000ft2 facility, with more than 20 spray booths, a full metallurgical laboratory and a full range of coating technologies, now employs over 100 personnel.


To better serve its customers and offer a one-stop-shop approach to post-cast operations, FSNA has joined forces with a team with 20 years experience in manufacturing of Gas turbine parts and is now offering, beyond the state- of-the-art coating portfolio: EDM, hole drilling, laser welding and assembly, and chemical/water blast stripping.

Services offered by Flame Spray North America for the Gas Turbine market:

  • Thermal spray coatings (TBC, MCrAlY, abradable, wear, dimensional restoration and other specialty coatings)
  • Slurry coatings (corrosion protection for compressor components)
  • Diffusion aluminizing (external, internal)
  • Heat Treatment
  • Hole drilling (EDM, Laser Ablation, Combined)
  • Machining (hole drilling, milling, EDM)
  • Welding (assembly)
  • Ancillary services and controls (Dimensional, Airflow, FPI)
Gas Turbines coatings

Industrial Markets

Flame Spray North America is also providing services to a range of industries including Oil & Gas, Steel and Aluminum manufacture, Paper, Print, Textiles and power generation including Wind and Solar.


A full portfolio of thermal spray coatings and surface treatments are available supported by an experienced engineering and quality team and full laboratory facility.